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Old Fashioned Donuts With A Modern Twist

Shore Good Donuts is the brainchild of the rather unlikely, but talented duo of Todd Hunt and Rich Platt. Todd and Rich are long time business partners and have been owners of successful plumbing businesses for over ten years.

 So how did a pair of accomplished plumbers get involved with making old fashioned donuts from scratch?

Like any great idea, it started with a causal observation. Growing up and working in Long Beach Island, Todd and Rich noticed one thing missing in such a well-rounded beach town: a specialty donuts shop.

The idea stayed tucked in their back pocket until 2011, when the opportunity to open their own old fashioned donut shop presented itself. Through a mix of great ideas, hard work and a sprinkle of good timing Shore Good Donuts was finally born.

Since its creation, Shore Good Donuts has become a Long Beach Island destination, and a place both the locals and tourist love to visit for unique donut creations.

Long Beach Island Specialty Donuts

If you think Shore Good is your average chain donut shop, you’re in for quite a surprise. At Shore Good Donuts, we always have new, homemade creations ready for you to order. And we serve great, locally made ice cream and a variety of hot and cold beverages to make sure every sweet tooth is satisfied.

No Shirt? No Shoes? Come on In!

Maybe you’re craving a Shore Good donut, but just spent the day at the beach in your swimsuit and you’re covered in sand? No problem! The staff of Shore Good Donuts keeps island time, and we don’t mind a bit of sand. In fact, we use it as inspiration for some of our specialty donuts!

If you’re ready to indulge in a warm, fresh piece of
Long Beach Island donut heaven, Contact Us today!


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